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Fencing mesh to keep in an escape artist!

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in welded mesh

hisky fence

Leylandii, husky escape-artist re-homed from Battersea, lots of rolls of 7ft weld mesh, more 3 metre 4 x 4 posts than you could wave a stick at, (posts were pressure-treated timber but bottom 3ft creosoted for good measure), between one and two bags of Postfix™ per post, ground-line for each 12.5 metre run levelled very carefully (to avoid problems!), weld mesh securely clamped to first post and unrolled along scaffold boards using bungees round posts temporarily, only stapled to posts when happy with line. Decorative Bamboo rolls resting on 2 x 2 and fixed to 2 x 1 battens cable-tied to weld mesh and screwed to posts where possible.

 Fence preparationunrolling welded meshFencing gatewire mesh fencing with bamboo

Andy Beard
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