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Dog runs: customers happy dogs in their Pens

on Monday, 25 November 2013. Posted in dog runs, Animal Cage


Please find attached a photo of the dog cage I built last year using your panels.

I have a large unsecure garden and was having great trouble preventing my dogs from escaping.

The cage was constructed on both patio and grass, as the dogs prefer using the grass for toilet purposes.

As you can see in the photo, the dogs can access the house via the dog flap in the door.

Your panels are of a very high quality and I am very pleased with my project.

It has been much admired and I can now go to work knowing that O.B. (Golden Retriever), Ned (Black Lab) and Maisy (Dalmation) are safe.

Best wishes

Lois Brereton



Hi Chris

Thought you might be interested on Millie's day house. It's a 6x3 double door pent roof shed with one of the doors cut in two. The 8x6 enclosed run consists of your 4ft door panel, a 4ft panel to the front side, two 4ft panels on the rear and a 2ft panel and 4ft panel to the end. Green mesh cover provides shade in summer.

The enclosure has been up for three years now and the coating shows no sign of corrosion. This is the second position we have used it in and found the fact it could be simply unbolted, moved and reconstructed a real bonus.





Our sons cockapoos love the run.




Here are a few of Jenson in his day pen.

Can we also say the pen is fantastic, does everything we need and Jenson loves it. Easy to construct and well built.


Si Lundy


Andy Beard

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