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Fox proof boundary fencing

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in welded mesh

fox proof fencing

Fox Proof Boundary Fencing Fine Mesh Metals 30m light welded mesh rolls of netting provided the ideal solution for fox proof boundary fencing for a small wildfowl collection. 3ft x 1 inch x 12G wire netting was dug about 1ft into the ground with 4ft x 1 inch x … G wire netting on top overlapped by an inch and attached by a single wire with clip rings giving a total height of approximately 6ft.   A stabilising wire, also attached with clip rings, ran along the centre of the lighter gauge top wire netting. A single electric wire was attached along the top of the fence and another about 1ft from the ground. Heavy duty wooden fence posts were used on this wetland site, much of which is under water during the winter months. The different gauges and mesh sizes available from Fine Mesh Metals made the ideal suppliers for this strong fencing, at the required height, which keeps all but the smallest rodents out and the smallest ducklings in.    The large stock of light welded mesh rolls with size and thickness variations make Fine Mesh Metals the ideal fencing suppliers for the poultry, waterfowl and wildfowl industry. 

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Andy Beard
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