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Mrs Baggs' Cat Run

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

outdoor cat run

We are so glad we found you and thank you for our cat run. We are very impressed by your product and service.We needed a safe, secure area for our cats to run in but we also wanted to share their space too. With your help and knowledge we managed to enclose part of our garden and patio area (16’x12’x8') with only one central roof support. A cat flap gives our cats the independence to come and go as they wish within a safe, secure haven and at 8 feet high, we do not feel caged in. The panels and fixings are strong, robust and the run is certainly not going anywhere. Your product was so easy to use that we put it up in a weekend. Thank you again, Mrs Baggs, Headcorn, Kent.

large cat run

Andy Beard
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