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The Benefits of a Dog Run

on Monday, 30 November 2015. Posted in dog runs

Why You Should Purchase A Dog Run.

The Benefits of a Dog Run

So, you’re considering getting a dog run? That’s great! Dog runs are great additions to your home and offer a range of benefits to dog owners and their dogs.

For some people, the idea of a dog run looks small and unpleasant for dogs but you’ll be surprised. Besides dog runs can come in large sizes and give your furry friends plenty of space to roam, you’ll find dogs love dog runs and can benefit their lives.

In this blog, we look at those benefits and how a dog run can enrich both you and your dog.




Dog runs provides a safe space where your dog can exercise and gives owners peace of mind that they’re safe and not getting into trouble. If you’re dog’s a digger or just generally mischievous, you know how much trouble he or she can cause if not supervised.


A dog run is the perfect solution for this problem and will keep your immaculate garden safe.

As well as looking after your garden and stopping your dog from tunnelling under your fence, a dog run helps protect your dog from being stolen. No one likes to think about this but if you leave your dogs out in your garden over extended periods of time, you run the risk of having your dog stolen. A dog run is both a deterrent and can physically protect your dog from being taken from you.


Well Being


Dog runs can improve your dog’s life. Whether on their own or a friend, a dog run lets them be outside and enjoy themselves because it allows them to be stimulated. This could come from playing with toys in the run or simply observing their surroundings, this stimulates them and makes them happy.


When people leave their dogs cooped up indoors all the time, you’ll find them overloaded with energy with no output for it. That’s because, being penned up during the day, there’s nothing to stimulate them throughout the day. A dog run gives them that.


This is great during the summer. Being confined indoors on a hot day is not an ideal for your dog and a dog run lets them cool off with a nice summer breeze without you having to worry about them tearing up your garden.


Work Environment

For dog owners whose home is also a working environment, like a farm, a dog run can be essential. Instead of cooping your dog inside all day, they can be outside and enjoy themselves without you having to worry about them getting hurt or causing trouble to your business.

Somewhere like a farm with machinery or livestock, dogs can get overly excited or afraid, bolting and causing trouble. As you can imagine, this could disrupt your business, cost you money, harm your dog or others. A dog run stops this but does not limit them to being penned up all day.

As you can see, a dog run can give your dog a safe, enclosed space to play and exercise while keeping them safe. For dog owners considering purchasing a dog run, have a look at the range we provide.

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