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The Best Life for Jeffrey the cat with ‘Aids’

on Wednesday, 28 May 2014. Posted in cat run

In August 2013 I was asked by my local Cats Protection League branch, if it would be possible for me to look after a cat with Aids. He would need to be kept separate from other cats until a home could be sourced for him; I agreed and he came to live in my outside secure dog pen which had an insulated house attached to it; I named him Jeffrey.

The’ cat rescue’ was unable to find him a home so I asked if I could adopt him. I did not believe that ‘an inside home’ for the rest of his life was suitable for an ex-stray cat used to having the freedom of the ‘outside world’!

When my ‘dog pen’ had to come down due to a professional cat pen being built on its site, I had a specially designed weather proof home built for him which had heating, lighting and music. My problem was then to find a way of giving him ‘his own piece of my garden’ where he could roam freely albeit, unable to mix with other cats.

After some considerable time of researching the internet, I came across Fine Mesh Metals and duly contacted them, requesting their help with my problem of supplying Jeffrey with a suitable’ secure area’ to roam within my garden. Andy Beard Company Director, very kindly took the time and patience to explain how their mesh panels could be erected easily and effectively, in order to give ‘Jeffrey his freedom’ to live his life out, like a normal male cat would do.

Jeffrey is now able, subject to the weather, to enjoy lying amongst the bushes and grass or on his favourite garden bench, within his 8’ x 8’ pen at the top of the garden; he is able to’ chill out’, watch the birds and insects and laze around like all normal cats love to do.

He also loves sunning himself in his ‘tunnel pen’ 26’ x 2’, which he uses to go ‘to and fro’ between his house and his top garden pen.

I also had a pen 4’ x 4’, erected in front of Jeffrey’s house, in order to give me safe access to his house. He uses this pen to ‘pop into the fresh air’ to sit and watch our 2 dogs and many cats, playing in the garden outside our back door.

I cannot thank Fine Mesh Metals enough for giving Jeffrey his life back again


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