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Animal Cage

A spoiled Cat, Customised cat run

on Thursday, 16 July 2020. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

A very good example of a customised cat run. The customer has designed and used mesh rolls rather than framed panels for their roof, as it allows angled shapes.








Andy's chicken palace and unobtrusive chicken fencing

on Monday, 17 March 2014. Posted in fencing system, aviary, Animal Cage

This Blog shows how a rat proof chicken run 8ft x 12ft x 6ft high was built and how in an awkward situation the green multipost system was used to create a free ranging area.


The completed run with front door for human access to clean house and give food. The back access hatch is for the girls to gain access to their free ranging area. The back access hatch is closed before dusk to stop rats entering the pen.


Some old tree stumps were used to create a play area where there afternoon corn treat is left. The gate is padlockable. The mesh is a 1inch by half inch (2.5x1.25cm) apeture which stops all but very small rodents from getting in, the wire thickness is 2mm (14g). The finish is galvanied then black powder coated.

Click here to ee a video of this cage


The construction:


The cage was put behind a garage (the back wall could have been used as one side of the cage). The ground was prepared with gravel and woodchip to stop weeds.

A soffit vent mesh was placed down to stop the rats digging under. Another way to do this would be to have a mesh base, however the soffit mesh has been used to save on cost. Normally the soffit mesh is laid after construction but due to access constraints this side was put down first. A hole had to be cut in through the laurels which was lined by 3 2ft square aviary panels to create a tunnel to the free ranging chicken run.


A 4 ft gate is put infront of the tunnel and the panels are bolted together. Making sure to put anything larger than the gat in the area before ithe chicken cage is fully constructed.


These photos show how the soffit mesh slightly overlaps the cage edge before its covered with the gravel woodchip and soil. Making sure that the mesh is totally covered as the product is sharp. Soffit mesh folds easily and keeps its shape


This is a photo of the chicken known as Jasmine using her hatch. Its worth noting that the chickens had no problem working out this system and were back in their house before dusk on the day of construction.


The hatch leads to the first free ranging are. As can be seen from the photo above the 2 inch 2.2/3.1mm green fencing mesh is non obtrusive. A gate is also put in the system to gain access. All these items are stock items. The mesh in this case is 5ft high, 6ft would be preferable to stop foxes. In this case the chickens roost in the fir tree lower branches. In the unlikely event a fox gained access to the run they can use these trees for shelter.


At the top of the run behind the vegetable plot another access hole has been made through the beech trees to give the chickens access to a large free ranging area made again using the multipost system and a 25m roll of green mesh.

Andy Beard

Ares & Apollo's safe outdoor play area

on Monday, 25 April 2016. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

Safe outdoor play area for Ares and Apollo, using the dog run 2 inch mesh panels.

The larger mesh is slightly cheaper and suitable for larger cats. Lindsey (the customer) has cleverly installed a perspex roof and black guttering to give the cats shelter. It looks like the cats love it. Great job Lindsey!


cat run with perspex roof

outdoor cat play area

safe outdoor cat play area


Bengal cats Milo & Lalya's Cat run

on Thursday, 28 May 2020. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

2 very lucky Bengal Cats, Milo and Lalya have had a beautifully designed cat run built for them by their owners. The run is connected to the house by a high tunnel. Within the cage there area multitude of bespoke features and play activities. They have access to fresh air and play at all times. One of the best designs we've seen, well done Terry.







Cages used in zoo

on Tuesday, 30 April 2013. Posted in aviary, Animal Cage

Cat run and housing

on Thursday, 11 January 2018. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

An excellent example of our cat run panels used as an external safe run, on the sides of a sheltered housing area.




on Wednesday, 17 June 2015. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

Thought I would send you a photo of the cat enclosure now it is up!
As you can see, we had varying heights both from the door then onto the grass plus the patio floods in the winter so we wanted it to be raised anyway so the sleepers were used.
We are delighted with it - the girls are out in it happily now and they are safe which is the most important thing.
We may add to it in the future but for now we are very happy with it.
Thank you for your patience but as you can see - the levels and size needed to be right!!!!

cat run on sleepers


Chipmunk Cage, outdoor run, with safety porch

on Friday, 06 September 2019. Posted in Animal Cage

Chipmunk outdoor run with safety porch.

Small Mesh with mesh base.


cleverly designed cat run connect by overhead tunnel

on Thursday, 15 February 2018. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

A cleverley designed cat run allowing the cats to get to a larger outdoor area using an overhead tunnel.





Update with cats home and play things in position.

cat outdoor play pen

cat run clever design

Dog runs: customers happy dogs in their Pens

on Monday, 25 November 2013. Posted in dog runs, Animal Cage


Please find attached a photo of the dog cage I built last year using your panels.

I have a large unsecure garden and was having great trouble preventing my dogs from escaping.

The cage was constructed on both patio and grass, as the dogs prefer using the grass for toilet purposes.

As you can see in the photo, the dogs can access the house via the dog flap in the door.

Your panels are of a very high quality and I am very pleased with my project.

It has been much admired and I can now go to work knowing that O.B. (Golden Retriever), Ned (Black Lab) and Maisy (Dalmation) are safe.

Best wishes

Lois Brereton



Hi Chris

Thought you might be interested on Millie's day house. It's a 6x3 double door pent roof shed with one of the doors cut in two. The 8x6 enclosed run consists of your 4ft door panel, a 4ft panel to the front side, two 4ft panels on the rear and a 2ft panel and 4ft panel to the end. Green mesh cover provides shade in summer.

The enclosure has been up for three years now and the coating shows no sign of corrosion. This is the second position we have used it in and found the fact it could be simply unbolted, moved and reconstructed a real bonus.





Our sons cockapoos love the run.




Here are a few of Jenson in his day pen.

Can we also say the pen is fantastic, does everything we need and Jenson loves it. Easy to construct and well built.


Si Lundy


Andy Beard

Intermediate chicken run for free ranging birds

on Monday, 13 January 2014. Posted in fencing system, Animal Cage

This is an example of an intermediate cage for free ranging birds. As its for domectic laying birds a a 2 inch green mesh has been used. If the cage was to be permanent or for chicks a smaller mesh should be used. The chicken mesh cage offers the birds a safety area for feeding and drinking and an area where the birds can be left to range when the owners are away.

The cage is on a sloped area so a 6ft high roll of mesh has been used cut on an angle to 5ft. 5ft is the minimum height cage used to deter foxes. This has meant 6ft and 5ft posts have been used for an earth screw fencing system.





 Andy Beard

Lynx enclosure and tunnel, Wildlife exotic rescue

on Wednesday, 21 February 2024. Posted in Animal Cage

WildSide Exotic Rescue is a sanctuary for wild captive animals traded and kept as pets, that rescues and rehabilitates those in need and inspires humans to end the wild pet trade.

WildSide has been ordering panels from Fine Mesh Metals, on a very regular basis, over many years. New rescues can arrive here with little notice, so these panels are great at enabling us to erect new enclosures in days rather than weeks. We have settled into a pattern of using these panels, combined with railway sleepers, which ensures the enclosures have longevity and look rustic and appealing too. We have Monkeys, Racoon, Coati, Owls, Lions, Serval, Lynx and many more safely contained in large enclosures using these panels. For small enclosures we use the panels for the roof as well but for our massive enclosures we use steel threaded netting. video showing mountain lion using tunnel.

lion tunnel

donkey zoo

lemur lion enclosure with capybara

lion cage

lion eclsure for zoo

lion zoo cage

lynx chilled

lynx enclosure

lynx family enclosure

lynx yawning

mountain lion den

tunnel lion

zoo lemur enclosure


link to their Facebook


Mrs Baggs' Cat Run

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in cat run, Animal Cage

outdoor cat run

We are so glad we found you and thank you for our cat run. We are very impressed by your product and service.We needed a safe, secure area for our cats to run in but we also wanted to share their space too. With your help and knowledge we managed to enclose part of our garden and patio area (16’x12’x8') with only one central roof support. A cat flap gives our cats the independence to come and go as they wish within a safe, secure haven and at 8 feet high, we do not feel caged in. The panels and fixings are strong, robust and the run is certainly not going anywhere. Your product was so easy to use that we put it up in a weekend. Thank you again, Mrs Baggs, Headcorn, Kent.

large cat run

Andy Beard

Outdoor Aviary for Owl and Reindeer

on Thursday, 12 January 2017. Posted in aviary, Animal Cage

Outdoor Aviary for Owl and Reindeer

reindeer cage

owl enclosure


owl perch


reindeer enclosure

The Mathews' aviary extending from their conservatory.

on Thursday, 23 May 2013. Posted in aviary, cat run, Animal Cage


Please find attached photo’s of the 10x6 aviary we recently purchased from you, it was bought to attach to conservatory to allow our two cats access to fresh air and  us to have doors open in summer without Cats being able to get away ,as they are not allowed out and were breed for indoors
We are very pleased with how it has turned out and we hope you think the same.
There is very little in life that is a New idea but we think this use is quiet novel


Andy Beard

Timber Framed Dog Run Structure with mesh panel infill

on Wednesday, 22 April 2015. Posted in dog runs, Animal Cage

Timber framed Lean to, with Dog run panel mesh inserts.



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