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Lynx enclosure and tunnel, Wildlife exotic rescue

on Wednesday, 21 February 2024. Posted in Animal Cage

WildSide Exotic Rescue is a sanctuary for wild captive animals traded and kept as pets, that rescues and rehabilitates those in need and inspires humans to end the wild pet trade.

WildSide has been ordering panels from Fine Mesh Metals, on a very regular basis, over many years. New rescues can arrive here with little notice, so these panels are great at enabling us to erect new enclosures in days rather than weeks. We have settled into a pattern of using these panels, combined with railway sleepers, which ensures the enclosures have longevity and look rustic and appealing too. We have Monkeys, Racoon, Coati, Owls, Lions, Serval, Lynx and many more safely contained in large enclosures using these panels. For small enclosures we use the panels for the roof as well but for our massive enclosures we use steel threaded netting. video showing mountain lion using tunnel.

lion tunnel

donkey zoo

lemur lion enclosure with capybara

lion cage

lion eclsure for zoo

lion zoo cage

lynx chilled

lynx enclosure

lynx family enclosure

lynx yawning

mountain lion den

tunnel lion

zoo lemur enclosure


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