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Which Radiator Grille Is Best For You?

on Monday, 30 November 2015. Posted in welded mesh

With so many different mesh and grille styles available, which would best suit your interior?

Which Radiator Grille Is Best For You?

A growing trend for homes is having radiator covers and cabinets around your radiators. These are great, stylish addition to a home, that lets you do more with the space without having to take out the radiator.

Before, besides heating up your room, your radiator takes a considerable amount of space on a wall and you could not do much with it. Also, some modern radiators are quite ugly things. With a radiator cover or cabinet, besides being a stylish addition to a room, it opens up a range of opportunities with the space.

The decorative grilles or cover meshes, which are referred to as radiator grilles or radiator cover mesh, play an important part. Besides providing a visual aesthetic to the cabinet, it’s their job to allow radiators to breath and keep your home warm.

In this blog, we look at the different types of grilles and mesh we have available and how they fit into your home.


Interwoven Mesh

Our interwoven lattice grilles are hand woven from plain or reeded ribbons of solid brass, stainless steel and aluminium. A very fine mesh, we offer a range of ribbons and apertures to suit your home.

Versatile, our interwoven mesh grilles can suit most rooms and decors, depending on the finish. This all depends on your radiator cover or cabinet as well as the decor of the room around the radiator.

Brass is a very popular choice with our customers. Besides the stunning amber colour, brass ages over time and give its own unique patina. This gives a gorgeous rugged feel to the mesh.


Decorative Grilles

The radiator grilles we provide are Regency Grilles, which are the most prestigious grilles we offer, are handmade and are coated with splendid finishes by British specialists. The finished product is absolutely stunning. Straightaway, you can see why they’re called Regency Grilles.

As you can imagine, our decorative grilles are ideal for traditional homes. Especially when a modern radiator has been installed and does not match the interior of the home, a radiator cabinet with our regency grilles means you can still have a warm room while keeping to the building’s traditional decor.

Don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourselves. Have a look at our range of radiator grilles.


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